Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Best Present Ever

Kenly loves the Christmas tree and the twinkle lights. I think she'd be happy all day if I just let her lay on her back in front of the tree. Can't you just hear her squeal? Don't worry...I didn't let her chew on them. I just snapped a quick photo.
The stocking says it all. She is a princess.
Kenly had her first rice cereal on 12/10/08. She didn't know quite what to do. Most of it came right back out. I had to promise her that "real" food does get better. Quite frankly she looked a little disappointed with the whole experience.Here is an action shot. You can tell how runny I had the rice cereal by watching it drip off the spoon. What a mess...but what fun.

In other news...Kenly is currently in her bed just talking sweetly to the ceiling. I love her waking up noises. Most of the time they are so sweet. I am a little sad and proud at the same time today. I know those are not emotions that people commonly couple together, so let me explain. For the past three days, Kenly hasn't needed or wanted me to rock her to sleep. I remember wishing that I could just put her to bed. So, I'm proud that she's so grown up, but I'm sad because I miss my snuggle time.
I'm also celebrating because I think my milk has finally dried up. While this is a bit sad, I am happy because for the first time in four months, I slept without a bra. Oh the freedom....


Shannon said...

haha Enjoy your freedom ;) Cute pictures of Miss Kenly. Is it bad that we aren't doing a tree this year? I am afraid I'll put it up, get a baby, then be looking at it until March.

Jennaug10 said...

I wish I could just put Makayla down in her crib and let her sleep, but she won't go to sleep with out rocking.