Monday, September 8, 2008

A Month Old? Where did the time go?

I can hardly believe that Kenly will be a month old tomorrow. She is growing like a weed and developing quite the sunny personality. She loves to grunt and make noise--even in her sleep which makes her nervous new mommy sleep very lightly. She loves her play mat and delights in trying to reach the toys that dangle just out of her reach. She's a barrel of smiles when she's laying on it. She went to her daddy's soccer game this weekend and was a real trooper, but now that she is taking a few naps during the day she doesn't want to sleep at night. I think I'd rather have my night sleep. At least during the day I can entertain myself with other tasks like laundry. Time does fly when you are having fun and I guess when you are sleep deprived. Every day we settle into more of a routine life is good. Next thing I know she'll be walking and then asking to borrow the keys.


JB said...

Hey Rhonda,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You've got such great pictures here. Welcome to the Mommy club, you might want to reread "Operating Instructions" soon -- ha! Miss y'all.

Jennaug10 said...

Yeah, sleep deprivation is no fun, but well worth all of the new things you discover with your baby. Makayla is sleeping well at night, but barely taking naps! She too is growing like crazy almost 5 months old and no weights 15 lbs 6 oz and is 25 inches long! We are starting cereal and fruit, boy is that an interesting experiece. Enjoy your baby girl, because time sure does fly. I can't believe I have an almost 5 month old and am talking about trying for number 2 around the end of next summer. If we have a boy we are for sure done. Hope you are doing well though! Take care!

Tiff said...

Where HAS the month gone? Kenly is getting more beautiful! I love her baby toes :)