Wednesday, May 22, 2013

March Madness

Remember those rocks we collected at the Davidson River?  Well, this is what we did with those beauties.  I warmed the rocks in the oven and then allowed Kenly to melt crayons all over them.  I hope to create a fairy village in the backyard.  We just watched Tinkerbell and The Secret of the Wings, and Kenly is really into those flying mythical creatures.
She was very careful and didn't burn herself a single time.

Corah loves to help me fold laundry. By fold laundry, I mean she likes to take my folded laundry and carry it to various hiding places throughout the house.  Some days I refuse to let her touch the clothes while I'm working.  Other days I hand her half of the laundry before I even start so that I can get something done.  Still other days, I stop everything and soak up her adorable smile and her destructive tendencies.  I wish I could learn to slow down and embrace chaos more often.  I love these pictures.  They capture Corah.
Let me put Sissy's (clean) underwear on my head and laugh about it.

 I'm cute.  I'm also distracted by what is happening "atside (outside)."
Can you hear her?  Mama, look at how cute I am.  Can't we just keep a huge pile of clothes on the floor.  Life would be so much fun if we did.
Corah loves to eat.  If I ask her if she wants to eat, she literally bounces and squeals.  Her little hands go up in excitement.  Then she runs to her high chair and signs eat while saying it loud enough to deafen the neighbors.  Adorable.

I was so proud of Adam this month.  He applied for a grant that could have taken him to Spain for a week or two this summer.  I think the judges for the Hilton are crazy because his essays were amazing.  He could have brought so much to the classroom if they had given him a chance to go to voting.  He wasn't selected as a finalist, but he's a winner to me.  He's the best teacher I know, and I happen to know quite a few amazing teachers.
Corah loves Chance.  She's often a bit to rough with him.  He's amazingly patient and gentle even when she pinching him like vice grips.
She's "blowing her nose" in this picture.  Shortly after I snapped this, she offered to wipe Chance's nose.  I swear he rolled his eyes and hurried off the futon.
See that dimple.  It melts my heart.
Adam turned 37 on the 16th of March.  I was able to take him to Curate in Asheville.  Then we went to Hot Springs for a soak in tub 5 and a couples massage.  I caused us to miss a good 10 minutes of our 30 minute massage because I left the coupon at home.  We had to call Jeremy and he found the redemption code for us.  When we got home, Pops had cooked this amazing meal for Adam.

A sneaky leprechaun ransacked the living room during the night.  They went through the DVD cabinet and took all the pillows off the couch.  They upset the coffee table, but when Kenly woke up in the morning, she came running out of her room with gold in her hands.  The leprechaun left a trail of golden coins from Kenly's bed to the living room.  He also left a bag of gold coins on the coffee table.  He left a note.

I made a mess, but I shared me gold.  

It turns out those coins were made of chocolate. 
We had green waffles and green milk for breakfast.  Kenly dressed in green from head to toe to avoid being pinched. 
At some point in March, Corah had her first taste of chicken on the bone.  She got angry when I started to cut it up for her.  She wasn't successful, but she wanted to try and eat it like Sissy.
Obsessed with the dog...OBSESSED!
Corah, Kenly, and I decorated the house for Easter shortly after St. Patrick's Day.  The holiday were so close together this year that we had to move quick.  I loved making this Easter egg garland for the mantle.  It was fun and easy.  The best part was that it was free. 

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