Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hiking on a Snowy Day with RA

Behind again...but, I am keeping up with blogging at least 3 times a month.

Back in March we had a dusting of snow while I was struggling with a RA flare.  I was on steroids to help get the inflammation under control.  Adam offered to take the girls and Chance on a  hike to let me rest.  Part of me really wanted to just lay on the couch with a book and take him up on that.  The stronger half of me really didn't want to miss the beauty of a snowy hike.  Plus, gentle movement helps with the stiffness.  It's the starting that is hard.  Adam agreed to let me come if I would let him do all the work.  Well, okay...

So, he brought the "princess chariot" for Kenly and the jogging stroller for Corah.  We picked a flat hike along the Davidson River and I got to be boss.  In short, I got to determine when we were done.
I stood for this picture, but I never really pushed the stroller. 

Corah wanted to get down and walk.  She's a bit fearless, so when she tried to toss herself into the frigid water, we decided she needed to ride again.

Some hikers managed to capture a rare and complete family photo.  We just have to teach Chance to look at the camera.
I love the flyaway hair and the adorable dimple.

We dove to one of our favorite pull offs along the Davidson River to gather some rocks for a craft. 
RA, I'm not going to let you keep me down.  (Side note:  I went to the doctor this week.  He took x-rays of my hands and feet.  My last x-rays were taken when I got my diagnosis...nearly five years ago.  Dr. Meyer's office called to tell me that there has not been any change x-rays.  Praise God.  I might feel old and sore, but as of now, RA is not doing major damage to my minor joints.  He did start me on an anti-inflammatory drug called Meloxicam.  I'm supposed to take it daily for the next three months.  We will reevaluate in 3 months.)
Words fail me...
I love this puppy.  He's keeping me company while I type in bed tonight. Such a sweet boy.

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