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July 2012

Since I'll never catch up on blogging if I don't quit dragging my feet, I'm going to zip right through these last months and only post my very favorite pictures. I'm also going to stop editing the pictures, but then I can get back to business and usual. I'm having trouble keeping up. Let's face it...the girls keep me busy. Just while trying to type this blog, I've had to stop to fish black play-doh out of Corah's mouth twice.

Our fourth of July week was wonderful mayhem.  Derek and Heather came to visit for a weekend so that they could get to know Kenly a bit better.  Derek knows Kenly pretty well, but Heather had never met Kenly.  Since Kenly was going to be their flower girl in October, we decided that Heather should get to know her a bit better.  The day Derek and Heather left, Jason and Paula drove in for a short visit.  We were happy to have them here for the actual fourth.  We didn't go anything spectacular.  We grilled out and played on the slip and slide, but it was a great visit.
Kenly played in our pool.  Those braids just slay me.  I think she is so adorable when she rocks two braids.  Now I just need to learn to french braid her hair. 

Kenly finally mastered the slip-n-slide without having someone push her at the start of the slide.  By the end of the day, she looked like she had been sliding her whole life.

Adam couldn't resist a little sliding action.  I think this picture captures them perfectly.
Corah and Kenly both dressed in their patriotic gear.
Corah didn't want anything to do with the water.  We are trying to turn her into a water baby.  If her love of bath time is any indication, she will love it eventually.  For now she likes warm water only.  She spent most of the fourth snuggled up in a lap.

This is how Corah reacts to having her feet dipped in cold water. 

On the fifth of July, we headed out to the Davidson for some river fun.  And of course, you can be that close to Dolly's without stopping for some ice cream.  Since Corah  seems dairy sensitive, I had a grape snow cone.  If you've had Dolly's ice cream, you  know that is a huge sacrifice. 
Uncle Jason helped warm Kenly up after she took a swim in the Davidson River. 
Corah watched her sister splash and throw rocks from the safety of her stroller.  She could not have been happier.
Corah decided to get up one morning at around 5:30.  I couldn't be mad at her.  Look at that beautiful smile and those happy eyes.  Once the sun came up, we headed out to have breakfast on the back porch.
The day Jason and Paula left, one of my best friends in the world came to visit us.  Aunt Leigh Ann treats Kenly and Corah like they are blood relatives.  She showers them with love and gifts.  I was able to have her with me for a few days while she was south for a vacation.  We loved having her here to hang out with us.

We took her to Patton Park to feed the ducks and play on the playground. 

In late July, we took the girls to  a special event at the Mills River Library.  They had a "Touch-a-Truck" event and it was amazing fun.  We met up with several friends to walk around and look at all the heavy equipment and vehicles that they brought in for the kids to explore.  It pains me to only post a few of these pictures.  Kenly and Lydia enjoyed playing in a big blue tractor.
I think Adam enjoyed exploring the heavy equipment as much as the girls did.
All of our friends have had babies here recently. Jeremy and Sarah had Avett. Jared and Katie had Jonas. They all met us at the event.
Adam and Kenly were able to climb in this beautiful classic pickup truck.
Kenly and Adam pretended to be scooped up by this backhoe. 

Kenly was able to explore a firetruck as well.  By this point she was hot, sweaty, and exhausted. 

In late July, we headed to Ellijay, GA to hang out with Mops and Pops for awhile at the cabin.  Part of the trip involved a visit to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA.  Most of the pictures from the actual aquarium trip did not turn out so well, but we were able to get a few keepers. 

They had a really cool frog exhibit going on while we were there.  I love frogs, so I was in heaven.
We had a good time playing in the Turnip Town Creek and swimming in the pool while we were in Ellijay as well. The trip came to a crashing halt when Kenly came down with a nasty stomach virus.  Poor girl had been complaining of her stomach all day.  Pops invited his cousins to come visit, and Kenly was barely maintaining good behavior.  As soon as they left, she sent projectile vomit all over the place.  Poor thing was burning up with fever.  There is no cell service at the cabin.  With such a high fever and vomiting most of the night, we decided to travel home the next day in case Kenly needed to see the doctor.  The virus was short lived, and thankfully the rest of us were spared.

Kenly is getting really good at playing all sorts of card games.  She loves Go Fish and Crazy 8, but she also loves to throw Slap Jack in there for good measure.
Adam invited some friends to come visit for the Bele Cher festival in Asheville, NC.  I wanted to stay and play, but I couldn't figure out how to manage the girls and have adult fun without getting rather bitter, so I decided to go home to Augusta.  We had a really nice visit with Nana and Papa and I kept from spoiling the adult fun by being bitter that I couldn't do everything the big kids were doing.  Mission Accomplished. 

We went to the splash pad, and both Kenly and Corah enjoyed it. 

Nana and Papa both got in on the water fun.  For those of you who know Nana, you know this is nothing short of a miracle.  Nana really doesn't like to get her face wet, so running through a frog that sprays water is a huge deal.  Kenly and Corah, take note.  Nana loves you that much.
Maybe she's turning into a water baby after all.  Or maybe it is just so hot in Augusta that she needs to cool off before she catches fire.

Corah developed a love affair with puffs over the summer.  I introduced these in the spring, and it was love at first taste.  I love how she's got a puff in each hand, but she can't wait.  She need to shove them in her mouth at the same time.  I guess she can't risk having one of them vaporize before she can eat it.
Such sweetness. 
The shape sorter is good fun.  She loves playing with it.  Kenly and Corah both love this toy.  It's the best $10.00 I've ever spent.  Shortly after this picture was taken, Corah face planted on one of the shapes.  She had quite the black eye for about four days.  Poor girl screamed bloody murder.  I didn't know what happened until I saw the swelling and the bruise form.

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