Saturday, January 5, 2013

August 2012

Looking back at the pictures for August 2012, there is one dominate event. Kenly's fourth birthday. Apparently I didn't take pictures of anything else. But, my firstborn only turns four once.

Adam continued the tradition of making Kenly's birthday cake.  This year Kenly decided that she wanted a butterfly birthday party.  She requested a butterfly cake.  I searched Pinterest for cake ideas.  I showed pictures to Adam.  I offered to assist in any way possible.  Of course, he managed to outdo anything I showed him.  Here are a few shots of the cake being iced.  He made two butterflies and a beautiful flower.

Papa and Nana were up to help with the party.  They provided Kenly's beautiful birthday dress and about four other butterfly outfits.  Kenly still wants to wear her party dress even though it is the dead of winter.  I certainly hope it still fits in the spring.
I love the small details that Adam adds to the cake.  This ladybug was my favorite part of the whole cake.  What a sweet, attentive detail.
When Kenly's friends arrived, they got to pick out a pair of butterfly wings to wear to the party.  Jessica helped me find these, and they were the perfect addition to the party.  One of the first activities was to make butterflies out of egg cartons and coffee filters.  It wasn't a smashing success, but the kids had fun crafting and that is all that matters.
We played a game of "pin the ladybug on the flower".  Kenly helped me make the pictures.  She wanted to win the play-doh prize, and she got a bit peeved when Annalise pinned the ladybug directly on the leave.  She had to have a bit of attitude adjustment in her room.  I guess she thought it was her party, and she could cry if she wanted to.  (Ha!  I crack myself up.)
Adam grilled hotdogs.  Everyone ate, drank, and was merry.
Then the girls attacked the pinata.  Since I've seen one too many videos of pinatas gone wrong, we opted for the "string pull" variety of pinata. 

Then we let them eat cake and ice cream.
The finished product. 

I love this picture.  She's so excited to blow out those candles and make a wish. 

Love it!
Kenly really loved her Daddy's cake.  What piece did she select?  The ladybug cupcake, of course.  Does Adam know his little girl? 
Annalise like the cake too.
So did Hugh and Cynthia. 
I love that Tom is surrounded by little girls at the cake table.  He looks completely happy there.
  (Party Guests from Left to Roght--Sylvie, Bayla, Emory, Lydia, Kenly, and Annalise)

Then it was present time.  
Kids love present time.  It's hard to get a good picture because the party guests circle the birthday girl like vultures. 
I told you that Corah got a black eye just a few days before Kenly's party.  See that pretty shiner. 
This is after is was getting better.  Poor sweet thing.
Kenly left after her party to go home with Nana and Papa.  She stayed with them for at least three nights.  They had to make her get on the phone with me.  The only time she even asked for me was when she got sick at the end of the visit.  Then she wanted her Mama.  She had a good time with them.  I think she would trade me in for Nana and Papa.  These are a few of the pictures they send me of the her adventures.  I know she loved being the center of attention.  This whole sharing with Corah business is challenging.

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