Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy First Birthday, Corah Beth!

 Dear Corah Beth,

I can hardly believe that you are already a year old.  I can't begin to tell you just what a blessing you have been to this family.   A year ago today, Dr. Simmons decided that you should be born.  Daddy jokes that you should have cooked about two weeks longer because you slept for two solid weeks after your birth.  I'm glad you didn't cook any longer...8 lbs and 11 ounces was plenty big.

You are an absolute delight.  Your smile is electric, and you smile with your entire body.  When you're super happy/excited, your whole body wiggles because it can't contain the joy you feel.  You can make grumpy strangers break into smiles.  These days, you are blowing kisses and waving at anyone that will look your way, but you save your best love for your family.  You are going to be a social butterfly; I have to laugh when you crawl up to kids at the playground and wave.

Mama can't tell you what a joy and privilege it has been to nurse you for a full year.  I didn't get to do that for your sister, and God answered my prayer and gave me that special gift with you.  You love your Mama because of the powerful bond that nursing creates, but you adore Kenly.  She makes you laugh.  You look at her with such great love and admiration.  I can already tell that you want to be just like her. 

You melt your Daddy's heart when you crawl up to him and asked to be picked up.  I'll tell you a little have him wrapped around your little finger.  He'd lasso the moon for you.

Corah, you are such an adventurous little critter.  Every time I turn around, I find you climbing something.  You might not be walking yet, but you sure can climb.  You'll scale the stairs at the playground in order to follow your sister.  You climb on top of boxes and couches.  You're fearless.  You are a lightening fast crawler too.  When you do start walking, I'm sure I'll have to run to catch up with you.

You do have a wicked temper.  Early on, you would throw yourself backwards and bang your head on the floor if you didn't get your way.  You've wised up.  Now you gently lay down and throw a fit.  You also like to bite when you get angry.  So far, you've taken a hunk out of Kenly twice.  While I don't think biting is good, I'm happy to see that you have spunk.  You're a spit-fire, my little one.  It will probably exhaust me teaching you to control that little temper, but I know God has given it to you for a reason.  I pray that you'll be angry about all the right things in this world and fight to make positive change.

We love to hear you talk to us.  So far, you say just a few words--Mama, Dada, and dog.  On occasion I swear you say "all done" or "cookie."  You'll sign "all done," "more," and "thank you."  You're words might be few, but you are getting so much better at communicating what you want.

Speaking of cookies, you rarely turn down food.  It makes me happy to watch you pig out.  You eat about anything.  You love mango, but now that I think about it, you rarely turn down fruit.  You'll eat any kind of meat and cheese.  Ritz crackers make you shake with joy.  You'll eat veggies in baby food form, but so far, you spit out any kind of vegetable that you have to chew.  I'll win you over.

You make my heart happy.  I can't imagine this family without you, so I'm especially thankful this holiday season that God gave us you.  You are the perfect addition to this family. You've got my heart.  I love you, Bethie Boo!  I'm so proud that you are my daughter.

All my love,


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