Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Creative Beginnings Preschool

A few weeks ago, Kenly started acting out.  Suffering horribly with jealousy.  Needing more of my attention that I have to give right now.  Corah's at that stage where I literally have to fight to keep her alive. I follow her from near disaster to the next close call.  So, Kenly started to feel a bit peeved that Mama gets distracted when Corah tries to chew on an electrical cords or tries to swim in the dog's water bowl.  Kenly got even more peeved when Mama seemed zapped of all fun and creative energy when Corah took a nap.  Mama's got to catch her breath at some point.

After several frustrating days of trying to juggle too many balls and keeping none in the air, Adam came home and said, "Are you sure you don't want to reconsider letting Kenly try preschool?"

I hate it when he's right

It's not just the behavior and jealousy that motivated the decision.  Yes, Mama could use a slight reprieve twice a week, but I also want the best for Kenly.  She starts Kindergarten next fall, and while she's smart and eager to learn, she's a little behind on the times socially.  Awkwardly so at times.  For instance, Kenly will refuse to play on the playground at the park if the kids are too loud.  And heaven forbid you refuse to play by her rules. Girl needs some socialization.  I can give her all the book knowledge she needs, but I can't teach her to interact with kids her own age if she's rarely around any.  Dance and Sunday School once a week are not doing the trick.

So, we looked at two preschools and decided to send Kenly to Creative Beginnings.  Today was her first day.  I can't begin to tell you of my mixed emotions.  I was so proud.  She walked right in without even looking back.  She bounced with excitement while I walked her to her classroom.  I was a little sad.  These are her first steps away from me.  Steps into a world that I have little control over.  That terrifies me.

She had a wonderful first day, and I wanted to share a few of the cute things she said over the course of the day.  Things I never want to forget.

This morning at breakfast we were blessing the food.  I was doing my normals--thanks for the food, thanks for my family, help us with our day.  Kenly broke in and added to my prayer. She said,

"Dear God,
Please be with me at preschool today.  Please help Corah not to miss me too bad.  Help me remember all the things my mama told me.  God, please help me to wipe my hiney if I have to poop at preschool."

I had to stifle a laugh because I knew she was genuinely concerned about wiping her own tush.  We've been practicing for two weeks, and she's doing great, but the concept is still new. 

When we got to preschool, Ms. Michelle showed Kenly the row of cubbies and asked Kenly to find hers.  She went right to it.  She took her teacher's hand and looked up at her and said, "Ms. Michelle, this is my only very first day of preschool."  With that, she walked into her classroom without telling me bye.

The preschool offers a "stay and play" option on Thursdays.  Since Kenly will be attending on Tuesdays and Thursdays, she could opt to eat lunch at school and stay and play for a bit.  When Ms. Michelle walked Kenly to the van, Kenly kept saying, "Ms. Michelle, tell mama about my next day of preschool.  Tell her what I can do."  When Michelle explained "stay and play" to me, Kenly looked up at me and said, "Can I go to stay and play?  I want to.  Please."

She gave me the rundown of her day...a book about Sweet Potato Pie, singing two songs (We're Going on a Bear Hunt and Tootie Tat), playing on the playground, choosing to go to the science center, writing her name, and doing a letter G worksheet.  She met a friend named Gabby.

Then she talked about a lesson on Baby Bunting.  I started asking about Baby Bunting.  I thought she was referring to the nursery rhyme.  Kenly said, "You know, Mama.  There was a cruel king who didn't like baby boys.   They put Baby Bunting in the river to protect him from the bad king.  He was in a basket.  What does cruel mean, Mama?"

It turns out they had a Bible story on Baby Moses...but it's easy to confuse the two.  :)

When I asked her how she liked preschool, she said, "It was funner than I hoped it would be."

I knew she'd like school.  She's going to be my little nerd. 

I adore her and all her adorable ways.  But that's a bit redundant, isn't it?


Tiff said...

Rhonda, I love your honesty. I'm so glad Kenly loves preschool. And there is no shame in letting someone else keep your child to give yourself a break. I only have Claire (who is 5 months old now!), and I love having a girl that will take her for a few hours a couple of times a week.
Meanwhile, I find myself constantly trying to put Claire down for naps because she is "tired". No, I think I am tired and trying to catch a break. Ha!

Brittany Medina said...

Wow! I'm so glad I got to read this! Thank you for sharing how her first day went. I feel like I was there! Happy to hear it went so great and she's yearning for more! What a blessing!