Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Lesson in Disappointment and a Laugh

Kenly was supposed to have her first private swim lesson at the YMCA today. This morning I was trying frantically to to get Kenly and Corah ready.  I was also trying to make  sure I looked somewhat acceptable.  While I managed a shower, I did forget to brush my teeth.  Getting two girls to a scheduled appointment by 9:00AM still stresses me out.  I'm sure it will get better.

Kenly wanted to wear her Tinker Bell two piece.  I helped her put it on and sent her to accomplish a list of tasks while I fed Corah.  Kenly is so big now...getting herself ready with minimal help.

Here was her list...

*Get a wipe and clean breakfast off your mouth.
*Brush your hair so that you'll be ready for your pigtails.
*Pick out some shoes that are easy to get on and that can get wet.  We are going to be near the pool.

As I finished feeding Corah, I hear Kenly announce, "Mama, I did it.  I did everything you asked."
As she rounded the corner, I noticed she was walking slightly funny.  I thought she had put on her thong flip flops, the ones that are 2 sizes too big. My beautiful big girl rounded the corner with her face clean, her hair perfectly brushed, while wearing her Tink bathing suit and an Ariel coverup.  Want to guess her footwear selection?

Wait for it....

 She proudly announced,  "I picked these shoes because the are great for getting we."

I looked down and died laughing.  She looked adorable donning her pink cat rain boots.  Adorable.  Priceless.  And oh so practical. 

We went to the YMCA.  She was so excited to start her lesson with Miss Keeley.  She nervously chattered from the backseat, bragging about what she was going to show Miss Keeley.  Big Bubbles.  Little Bubbles.  How to float....the list went on.

I got both girls in the YMCA at 9:00 on the nose.  A huge feat for me these days.  Poor Kenly got a real taste of disappointment.  We've been talking up lessons for a full week.  She was ready.  But, Miss Keeley didn't show up for work today.  It turns out that the swim director misread Keeley's text when scheduling our first class.  Keeley was out of town.  I watched my daughter's heart break.  I know it is a small disappointment, but swimming in a big pool is exciting for a 3.5 year old.  I know it sounds harsh, but I wanted to smack the swim director for letting my daughter down.  Instead I tried to smile and said that we'd call later to reschedule.  I also think she should have her head examined for offering my child a lollipop at 9:00 in the morning.   I held my crying big girl as I pushed Corah to the car.  She was mildly whining when she asked, "Is this an okay time to cry?"  I assured her it was and then the waterworks began. 

We talked about how everyone makes mistakes.  We talked about how sometimes things don't work out the way we want them to.  We talked about rescheduling the class.  I tried my hardest to explain why she couldn't swim today for the 100th time.

And today, I tried to teach Kenly that disappointments should not define our day.  That sometimes disappointments lead to unplanned surprises.  We went home.  I filled the bathtub to the brim.  I brought her Dora kickboard up stairs from the basement.  And we had an hour long swim lesson, complete with me pretending to be Miss Keeley.  She swam in her Tink swimsuit until her hands and feet were pruny.  I hope I taught her today that disappointment doesn't always have to ruin the day.  And today, unlike some other days,  I think I did it just right. 

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Brittany Nicole said...

Wow what a day! Too cute picturing how excited she was for swim day and then to be let down like that is just heartbreaking. But kudos to you as for making a lesson out of it and the make-shift bathtub pool! I'm sure she loved it! :)