Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Barrel of Laughs

Not a day goes by in this motherhood business without a belly laugh.  Kenly's been providing quite a few these days.

On Tuesday, I took her to the Hendersonville YMCA to register for private swim lessons.  To say she was excited would be the understatement of the year.  She looked longingly at the pool while I filled out the necessary paperwork. 

K:  I really want to take swim lessons today.  Can I please get in the pool?
Me:  Not today.  We are just here to sign up today.
K:  But I want to get in the pool and learn today.
Me:  I know, but we are not prepared today.  We didn't even bring a swimsuit or towel.
K:  Well, I don't need a swimsuit.  I could just swim naked.

Needless to say, the YMCA ladies behind the desk were dying laughing.

And my personal favorite....

Just after the swim lesson laugh, we headed to CVS to pick up some medication.  It was pouring rain by this point, so I let Kenly use her princess to get into the building.  She loves that umbrella.  We walked into the store just in front of a gentleman. 

Me:  Kenly, please stop and put your umbrella down.  We can't walk through the store with it open.
Man:  And shake it.  (Of course referring to shaking the water off the umbrella)

What did my precious daughter do?  Why she put her umbrella on the floor and shook her little hips with great gusto.  And the girl can shake her hip...and her hips don't lie.  You should have seen the ruffles on her skirt fly.  I would have paid big money to have captured the man's reaction and hearty belly laugh.  Kenly--making the world a happier place one cute memory/action at a time.

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