Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Whatzit's Waiting

I got a call yesterday from my OB/GYN's office.  Apparently Mission Hospital only allows three inductions a day, and November 18th was already full.  The scheduler gave me two options--November 10th or November 21st.  I'm nearly fell out when the scheduler told me I could meet my baby tomorrow.  Then the panic set in.  I started to worry about the whole induction process and about forcing the baby to be born before my actual due date.  I called Adam and had a good cry.  Lord knows he's heard me whine about being pregnant a lot these days.  He was amazingly supportive.  He listened to my growing list of worries and interpreted my hormonal rambling for me.  I'm not sure I'm capable of rational thought right now.  The decision--we wait.  We wait on Whatzit to come on his/her own or we wait until the 21st.  I'll be 6 days past my due date by then and more willing to submit to medical intervention.

I went to see Dr. Simmons again today.  She enthusiastically supported my decision.  There is no need to rush things.   I'm healthy and the baby appears to be healthy as well.  No need to force the arrival when women have been waiting on the baby's timing for generations.  Today's stats were slightly different.  I was 2 cms and 60% effaced.  The baby was still at a -2 station and head down.  Dr. Simmons talked to my belly and told Whatzit to choose tomorrow because she is on call.  I packed my bags just in case there is something to be said for all the full moon mayhem.  And now we wait.

Kenly and I baked "belated" Halloween cupcakes yesterday.  We had a blast baking and icing the cupcakes.  When we were done, she asked to pack one for Dr. Simmons.  She picked out a cupcake with white icing and purple tombstone sprinkles.  Dr. Simmons was so grateful.  She hugged Kenly and thanked her over and over again.  She was truly touched.   Kenly was beaming when we left.  Nurse Brenda said, "We sure are going to miss that smiling face once you deliver."

Kenly and I waited in the lobby while the set up my induction for the 21st of November.  Hopefully we won't need to be induced, but for now we are scheduled to show up at Mission at 6AM and "to get the show on the road" at 7AM.

My prayer is that the whole process goes naturally this time around.  I want my blood pressure to stay within the normal range.  I want to try and labor without an epidural.  I want my body to contract on its own so that I can avoid pitocin.  But when it is all said and done, I just want a healthy baby and a healthy mama.  The rest is just details.            

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