Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Learning to be Patient

It's a lesson I don't know that I will every fully learn.  Right now I'm struggling to be patient with my beautiful daughter and to be patient with the arrival of my next blessing.  Kenly's three year old growing pains and nervousness about our upcoming family changes do not always mix well with my hormonal status and my growing fatigue.  I'm fighting tooth and nail to be patient.  To be slow to anger.  To take deep breaths and enjoy these last few days without having to divide my time.  I keep trying to do it on my own strength.  I keep failing.  So I need to pray this prayer right now...


Help me.  I need your supernatural strength in the coming days to be the mama Kenly needs me to be.  I want her memories of these last days to be filled with love and cuddles instead of my grouchy voice and eyes.  Help me.  Carry me.  Allow me to trust wholly so that your strength can flow through me.  You know I need it.  Keep me from myself.  I know that your timing is perfect, but as always, I'm struggling to fully believe and accept what I know.  Teach my heart to trust in you.  Teach my heart to place my family--both of my beautiful children--in your hands.  Speak peace to me tonight.  I need it desperately.


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