Sunday, October 30, 2011

A "Soggy" Parkway Picnic

Every year we take a picnic up the Parkway so that we can catch a sunset and see some beautiful fall foliage. Our drive up to our favorite picnic spot was beautiful. We saw all sorts of beautiful leaves, and as we approached our spot the fog rolled in. Kenly calls fog by a different name--sog.

We took homemade Vegetable Beef Soup and sandwiches for dinner.  
This was our view before every things was obscured by "sog,"

Once the "sog" rolled in, it got cold and uncomfortable.  We couldn't see the colors of fall, but the "sog" made everything feel all mysterious and fun. 
Adam took a few pictures of his girls.  This picture isn't out of's just that "soggy."

The bump is getting big. 

Although our evening wasn't what we planned, it wasn't a complete bust either.  We had a fun time together and we still managed to see some beauty.

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