Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Quick Visit with Mops and Pops

We wanted to go visit Mops and Pops at the cabin in October, but Dr. Simmons said it probably wasn't wish to travel more than 1.5 hours away. So, Mops and Pops were awesome and they came to us.  On Friday, Mops and Pops watched Kenly while Adam and I ate at Chai Pani in Asheville.  After dinner, we took a infant/child CPR class.  All the classes were full when I was pregnant with Kenly, so we never took the class.  We decided to make sure we knew how to handle such emergencies before number two arrived.  Thankfully we never had to resort to CPR or the Heimlich maneuver with Kenly.  We hope we won't need this knowledge with Whatzit either.

On Saturday we decided to have a bit of fun since the weather was delightful.  We drove down to the Mills River to throw rocks and soak up some sunshine. 

Kenly filled up buckets with rocks and water.  She tried to fall in a few times as well, but she managed to stay mostly dry.
Pops enjoyed the cool mountain air.
On Sunday morning, Kenly and Mops baked some chocolate pumpkin cookies.  Kenly had a blast trying to roll out the dough.

Playing with flour, dough, and cookie cutters is fun.

I love the flour on Kenly's face.  Baking is not fun unless you get covered in flour.

Kenly helped Mops clean the extra dough off her fingers.

When the pumpkins were ready to bake, I asked Kenly to pose with Mops for a picture.  These days she is opposed to having her picture taken.  If looks could kill....
At least Mops looks lovely in these photos.
After baking cookies, Kenly and I took Mops and Pops to Skytop Orchard for a bit of apple picking.  When we got there, Pops bought Kenly an apple cider slushy and a cute little pumpkin.  Then he was off to stand in line to get some of their "world famous"  apple donuts.
Lamby had to come with us to the orchard.  Mops is taking care of Lamby and the pumpkin while Kenly slurps down a slushy.
Most of the trees had already been picked over, so we had to hike quite a ways in order to find some Arkansas Blacks and some Fuji apples.  The Arkansas Blacks are much prettier than the Fujis.

Kenly is an expert apple picker now.  She helped us pick 1/2 bushel of apples.  This lovely is a Fuji.
Mops lifted Kenly to let her pick a few apples off of the high branches.

Mops was a trooper.   She carried this heavy basket of apples back to the apple house.  I'd like to say the terrain was flat, but we had hills to conquer as well.

After paying for the apples and scoring some donuts, Kenly was able to play for awhile. 

We had a lovely weekend with Mops and Pops.  We can't wait to visit with them again.

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