Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cascade Lake--Getting our Camping On

We went camping the first weekend in October at Cascade Lake. The weekend was quite chilly,but we wanted to get a camping trip in before the baby came.  We planned on tent camping, but at the last minute we decided to take the pop-up.  It was a really good decision.  Adam kept us all warm by building amazing fires and running a small heater for us at night. 

There is nothing better than sitting by a fire on a chilly fall morning.

Kenly loved helping Daddy set up the hammock.  Our child loves to swing in the hammock. 

Adam is training her early.  One day she'll be able to set up camp while we sit in camp chairs around a fire.
When we camp in the pop-up, we can have many of the conveniences of home.  The toaster oven makes it easy to make Kenly's favorite breakfast--waffles with peanut butter.  We also had hot chocolate to fight off the chill.
Kenly found the hot chocolate lip-licking good.
This is what I get when I ask her to smile for the camera these days.  She is less than cooperative.
Thankfully her Daddy will still give me a winning smile.  I love my man.  I love that he is happiest when he is outside.  I love that he is teaching that to my daughter.  I also love that he does most of the cooking and cleaning while we are camping.
Having more hot chocolate by the fire in her princess chair.
I love that all we really need to entertain Kenly while camping is a ball and some buckets and shovels. 
My two loves were looking for the ball in this picture.  I don't know if you can tell, but the ball is tucked into Adam's fleece.  He's super sneaky like that.

Chance enjoys camping as long as he doesn't have to act like a dog.  He needs all the comforts of home.
Kenly finally discovered where Daddy hid the ball.  :)
The view from my camp chair.
Camping keeps her all smiles.  She's been asking to camp again ever since we left site # 7.
Our campsite overlooked the swimming lake.  Since it was far too cold to swim, we decided to explore the dock and throw some rocks.

Then it was time for a little bit of soccer on the beach.  Daddy was in goal, and Kenly kept him busy defending.
We had a yummy dinner of silver turtles--ground beef, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms.  Yummy! 

Here are some views of our campsite, lucky number 7.

Kenly gives camping two thumbs up.
I just want to kiss the chocolate off those lips.

She started entertaining herself by swinging for the hammock.  Dragging her feet through the dirt was tons of fun.

Chance decided that he needed to get down an dirty too.  He attacked some ferocious  leaves since we wouldn't let him chase an squirrels.

Camping with kids is challenging, but Adam and I will always be up for the challenge.  The benefits far outweigh the challenges. 

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