Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dancing Diva

Kenly is taking two dance classes at Releve Performing Arts Center in Hendersonville.  Her first night of dance class was on Monday, August 29th.  She is taking both Tap/Ballet and Hip Hop.  Her tap/ballet class is with Ms. Merle on Monday nights and her hip hop class is with Ms. Jamie on Thursday nights.  The hip hop class is a bit more relaxed.  She can wear shorts and tennis shoes.  Tap/ballet required a leotard, tights, and shoes.  Her is my little prima ballerina (even though she is wearing her tap shoes) on her first night of class.

She selected these poses all by herself.

This is my favorite.

She is showing me how to tap dance in this picture. 
She might be raising the roof in this one.  I can't be sure.
These are some of the other kiddos in her class.  I was worried that she wouldn't do well on the first night, but she lead the charge into the studio after roll call was completed.
I think I got one little wave goodbye.  I had mixed emotions.  I was proud that she confidently walked into class without a second glance, but I was a bit devastated that I wasn't "needed."  She even left Benny Bunny in the lobby with me.  My girl doesn't go anywhere without Benny. 
I think she likes Ms. Merle.  She is sticking close after class.  It might might also be that Ms. Merle had a bag of suckers. 
Enjoying her reward after a grueling 45 minute dance class.  She wouldn't let me take any after photos. 
We didn't get much information out of her after the first class. All I was able to extract from her was that they made a big and a little circle. She's been to 2 tap/ballet classes now and 2 hip hop. As of this moment hip hop is her favorite. She shows us all kinds of crazy moves--the sprinkler, the lawn mower, the cabbage patch, and the grocery cart. When Kenly got out of the car last week, she said, "I love Releve. Everyone here is so nice to me." Since we can't watch class, they have an open house night the week of November 15th so that we can observe a lesson. This just happens to be the week I'm due. Ms. Jamie said I could come to an earlier class, and I'm very grateful. I can't wait to be a fly on the wall.

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