Friday, March 11, 2011

With Papa's Hands

Have I mentioned that my Daddy is talented? If I haven't, the man can fix/make just about anything. Knowing this fact, I wanted him to make Kenly's toy box. He exceeded all of my wildest dreams with the toy box he created. Kenly's wild over it too. Thank you Papa and Nana for financing and creating his beautiful treasure that Kenly will cherish for years to come. I must say our house looks somewhat neater now that all of her toys have a home....well, almost all of them. All of these photos were taken on Valentine's Day. Kenly is showing her love for Papa, Nana, and the of course, the toy box.

I wasn't kidding. The man has mad skill. I know you are all dying for one just like it. But, he's retired now. :)


Elle Belles Bows said...

What a super special treasure for Kenly! I am certain she will always cherish it!

She is so cute! Always happy and smiling! Great photos!


Shannon said...

I adore the inscription. After papa is gone to heaven she will really treasure that. So sweet! Good job Mr. Burkett!!!

Can you come out of retirement for just one more toy box...for your favorite black kids...just one?