Friday, March 11, 2011

She's two and a half. Already?

On February 9th, Kenly turned 2.5! I can't believe she's on the downhill slope to 3. She is the joy of our lives. Every day she says something cute and adorable that makes us laugh or melt. Just the other day she looked up at me with pleading eyes and asked, "Can I have some ponelish?" I was thoroughly confused. I asked for clarification. She simply said, "You know, mama. Can I have some pink ponelish on my toes?"

To celebrate her half-birthday, we had Valentine's Day themed cupcakes. I'd like to say that I made them from scratch for the occasion, but I let her pick them out from Foodlion. She picked well. We had no candles, so Adam improvised and lit a match. She was just happy to be able to blow something out.

Wonder where she learned to eat cake?
At 2.5 she is amazingly verbal. In fact, she frequently talks circles around some of the older kids we meet on the playground. I'm so proud of the little girl she is becoming. Every day that passes takes me one day further away from my baby, but I'm loving every minute. Her heart is pure gold, and I'm so proud to be her mama.

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