Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Watercolor Recipe

I was perusing a few new blogs the other day when I happened upon Pocketful of Posies and this nifty watercolor paint recipe. The detail for making the paint can be found there, but here is a picture of all the ingredients. (Warning: Make sure your Styrofoam egg carton is structurally sound before adding your ingredients. We made quite a mess on the kitchen counter because we didn't check for holes. Live and learn.)

Kenly loved watching the white vinegar and baking soda put on a show.
This is the paint base just before we added the food coloring.
I loved how the food coloring reacted with the paint base.
We made enough for eight different colors.
The paint can be used right after it is mixed, but it can also dry for a few days. We opted to let the colors dry. About 72 hours later we decided to try out our creation.
Who is unhappy with Mommy? I get this look with frequency these days.

I loved the rich color the paints produced.
Overall I was very pleased with the paints we made. I discovered that the colors mute as they dry, and the paper takes on a chalky texture. I'm not sure if these paint will wash out of clothing either. I'd suggest a smock or messy clothes as food coloring can be a staining nightmare.

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Elle Belles Bows said...

Thanks for the tips about the staining and egg carton!

Will give it a try with E. She only likes art that does not involve messy hands:-(