Wednesday, March 30, 2011

St. Partick's Day

Kenly has become a real fan of decorating the sliding glass door in the living room with seasonal window clings. We spent a good deal of a morning positioning and repositioning these St. Patrick's Day clings.

Earlier in the week we tried a stamping craft that we found over at Silly Eagle Books. We tired to follow the directions using a few of the many lids/caps I've collected over the past few months, but all of ours had ridges that kept us from making a complete stamp. I tried using cardboard and the foam stickers, but we had a epic craft fail. We had a few successful shamrocks, but for the most part we struck out.
The Tuesday before St. Patrick's Day Kenly and I decided to add a bit more flare to the living room for the leprechauns. I drew a rainbow and cut up paper for her to make a rainbow mosaic. She normally loves gluing scraps of paper to make designs, but she was downright surly during this craft. Truth be told, I mainly fussed at her while I made the rainbow. She whined about everything and wanted to do something different. It was a miserable experience.

Here's the finished product. Do you know what we found at the end of our rainbow? A stomach virus. A vomit fest of epic proportions. Looking back now I understand why she fussed all day long. She was probably beginning to feel the effects of the impending doom that was lurking just around the corner.
Yep. On Tuesday night, March 15th (Beware the Ides of March), Kenly woke up at 11:30 vomiting. Adam and I both were up a good deal of the night trying to make the little girl feel better. For the next two days I don't think the washer and dryer stopped running. The carnage was ugly. Adam's birthday was the 16th, so he got a sick kiddo and a worn out mommy. Poor guy. Needless to say, we didn't do the green milk and the lurking leprechauns on Thursday. We cuddled, watched TV, and read books.

Here are a few of the decorations we managed to put up for the holiday. Shamrock garland bedecked the hall door.
We changed the Valentine's Day tree into a St. Patrick's Day tree. It's now an Easter tree, but that's a whole new post.

The worst part about Kenly being sick was not being able to fix it. At times she got so furious and filled with rage because she didn't understand what her body was doing. I hate feeling helpless where my child is concerned.

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Elle Belles Bows said...

Thanks for recommending Silly Eagle books. I am going to follow and let them know your referred too!

She is too cute and you can tell she loves the window clings!

I need to try that with E!

Have a good week!