Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Kenly has been cracking us up with some of her funny sayings. She is so verbal and so imaginative that I sometimes forget that she's only two. She mispronounces a few words and we love to use those mispronunciations ourselves.

Hummus=Thomas (as in the train)

She's also adopted a few cute phrases. I frequently hear her ask, "Can you put this in the refrigerator for after later?"

I also love how she refers to past events. She'll say, "We went to the park last day."

She's also adopted a few phrases that Adam and I use with frequency. It is funny and humbling to hear myself when Kenly speaks. I'll hear her ask, "Let's play with Play-Doh. Okay, guys?

She'll also frequently offer me a bite to eat from her snack cup. When I politely decline, she'll say, "Okay, but you're missing out."

Her imagination is developing at a rapid pace. I think she has an imaginary friend now. She frequently talks about a a little girl named Corelay. At one point Corelay was a baby in her belly, but she left to go to another person's belly because she was too wiggly. Corelay most recently went to Nana and Papa's house to get out of the rain. Kenly also told me that Corelay is the most beautifulest girl she's ever seen.

She's also started concocting stories. On the way home from lunch with Adam, Kenly started rubbing her eyes. When I asked what was wrong, this is what I heard...

Kenly: I'm just getting the yucky stuff out of my eyes. Don't worry. I threw the yucky stuff in the trees.

Me: What kind of yucky stuff was in your eyes?

Kenly: Seaweed.

Me: How did you get seaweed in your eyes?

Kenly: Nana and Papa threw it in my eyes. It wasn't very nice. They should say they are sorry.

Needless to say, I got on the phone with Nana and Papa to ask them to apologize for putting yucky stuff in my girl's eyes. We all had a good laugh. I can't wait to hear the other amazing tales I'm sure she'll be spinning.


Elle Belles Bows said...

So cute!! Amazing how fast they grow and what they come up with! Ella does the okay guys too! Funny! Kerri

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