Thursday, November 11, 2010

Augusta, Advenutre, and A Lesson Learned

In October I also got a hankering to head home to Georgia. Every once in awhile, I just need to head H-O-M-E to get some loving. Kenly and I packed up to go to Augusta for a long weekend. We had a good time playing with Nana and Papa and Uncle Travis and Aunt Carrie. Kenly pulled a fast one on Papa, and it lead to many a laugh at his expense. Papa and Kenly were playing with the train set that circles the village while Nana and I got ready for the day's adventure. After getting ready, I stripped Kenly to her underwear and tried some clothing on her. I left her with Papa in only her undies to get some clothes for her to wear. I was gone for maybe two minutes. When I came back to the dining room, Papa was reassembling the train set and Kenly was missing. I said, "Where is Kenly?" Papa told me she was with Nana. I had just left Nana, so I knew Kenly was AWOL in the house. I heard a noise in Nana and Papa's bedroom. In two minutes time, Kenly was able to climb in the garden tub in the mater bathroom. She took Papa's bathing suit and water shoes off the faucet. As I rounded the corner, I heard water running. I walked into the bathroom to find my daughter sticking her head under the faucet while standing the the tub in only her undies.

I said, "Kenly, what are you doing?"
She looked up at me like I was stupid and exclaimed, "I'm taking a shower."

So, later in the day we made Papa stand next to this sign. The lesson learned=Kenly is faster than a blown fuel hydro. (That a comparison made especially for my daddy.) I found the experience humorous. I know it could have been bad, but it wasn't. Kenly told Papa a fib and then went exploring. We had to have a long conversation about doing what you say and never getting in a tub without an adult present.

Nana and Papa treated us to an adventure at a dairy farm near their house. I've since forgotten the name of the place (that's what happens when I wait forever to blog). We could have spent the day there exploring the slides, playgrounds, corn pits, hayrides, and corn mazes. Kenly really enjoyed herself, but she refused to ride anything pulled by a tractor. She was genuinely afraid, so we explored other options instead.
Kenly and Papa raced rubber duckies in water trough.
Kenly rode some strange swinging contraption.
She spent a good deal of time digging in the dirt with a huge shovel. She had such a good time doing this that I see a kid sized shovel and rake in her near future.
She also spent a good deal of time playing in the corn pit.

She nearly fell asleep at one point, so we had to move her on to some faster paced attractions.
Since she was terrified of the tractor, I figured we had a no chance at getting her on the jumping pillow. Boy was I wrong. I thought we would never convince her to stop bouncing. She didn't have a shred of fear except for the time my grip failed and she nearly bounced and rolled to her doom. All was forgiven and we started bouncing again.
After awhile, I needed a break, so Nana took over on bouncing duty. Papa even got on for awhile to see if he could make Nana squeal with a huge bounce. He succeeded.
Later in the weekend Papa took Kenly to see a few ponies and llamas that live near the house. I think Kenly was plotting a way to take one of these ponies home. This was before her riding adventure with Aunt Carrie. If her obsession continues, I'm sure there will be a pony in her future. We won't buy it, but I know a Mops and a Pops who will be "chomping at the bit" to make her wish come true (pun intended).

Doesn't the pony have freakishly blue eyes? I'm not sure I've ever seen a horse/pony with blue eyes. I was stunned.
She does look like a natural with her foot up on the fence.

Papa even made her wish come true...she wanted to touch the sign.

We did go over to Travis and Carrie's land for a picnic before taking Kenly to ride Zsa Zsa. She looks a little tuckered out in this picture.
On Sunday she dressed up in a new lady bug outfit and shiny red shoes to go to church. The necklace she is sporting was once mine. And how do I know that she's got Papa wrapped? She's playing with his antique firetruck.
We had a blast in Augusta. Nana and Papa were also great to come to see us in early November while I did my civic duty--serving as a juror in criminal court. An experience...a true experience. Now if I can get Halloween pictures posted, I'll be "caught up."

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