Monday, October 25, 2010

Horsing Around

While in Augusta this weekend, Aunt Carrie asked Kenly is she wanted to ride her horse. Kenly jumped at the chance to ride a real horse. I thought she would chicken out the moment Zsa Zsa took her first steps. Boy was I wrong. I took our small snap-and-shoot camera and the night was dark and dusty, but I think the essence of the evening was captured in these very edited pictures.

First Kenly helped Aunt Carrie lead Zsa Zsa to the riding area. On the way to the barn, we asked her to guess what color Zsa Zsa was. She guessed brown, and she was right.
Kenly sat in the saddle like a natural. She held on all by herself, but I walked beside her as an extra precaution.
Doesn't she look like a natural cowgirl? Close eyes and all.
After about 10 laps, Kenly started to demand that Zsa Zsa go faster. My little adrenaline junkie. Aunt Carrie got in the saddle with Kenly and asked Zsa Zsa to jog. Kenly started giggling and squealing and everyone died laughing. She was beside herself with excitement.
I think she would have taken Zsa Zsa out into the dark pasture all by herself if we would have allowed it.
She could have ridden Zsa Zsa all night long. I think the smile on her face says it all. Mops will be so proud.
Kenly cried big, devastatingly heart-wrenching tears when we made her go home for the night. I see a trip to ride Zsa Zsa in the future when we go home to Augusta for Thanksgiving. Mama will pack a helmet for the next trip. Just in case. It's my job to worry, right?

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