Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Second Birthday!

Dear Kenly,

Two years ago today, you came into my life and changed it forever. You reached into my heart with your tiny little hands, grabbed my heart with a grip far too firm your your 7lbs 13 ounce frame, and taught my heart to love at a whole new level. I adore being your Mama. Staying home with you, tending your boo-boos, and watching you grow into a little girl have been some of the highlights of my life. I am relieved that motherhood has no termination date. Once you came into my life and became my child, you forever branded me your mama. I love being your mother even when the role is more than I think I can handle.

You are such a blessing. Daily you teach me about life and how to live it better. You make me want to be stronger, kinder, and more open to adventure and discovery.

I love that you start each morning by singing from your bed. How much better would my morning be if I followed your example and sang praises from bed before my feet ever hit the ground?

I love your fearless, loving nature. You hold nothing back. You love with a fervor I have never witnessed before. I makes me want to rip away the stone wall of fear that life taught me to build around my heart--to open it freely to new people without fear of being hurt or disappointed.

I adore that you find wonder in a ladybug. You squeal with delight at the sound of thunder. You marvel at the the Creator's smallest masterpieces. I want your eyes of discovery. I want my heart to thrill at the beauty of God's creation instead of being blinded by my "to do" list or my laundry list of worries.

I love your growing independence. Each day I watch your slowly loosen the apron strings ever so slightly. While everything within me wants to reel you back in, to pull you back into my protective arms, I know you have to venture out. You must be your own person. Watching you need me less is bittersweet. My heart cheers because I know that we are teaching you to be brave and independent, but I yearn for you to need me always.

I see compassion/empathy for others in the very fiber of your being. You fret about Madame Blueberry finding a new house in Veggie Tales. You frequently ask, "What happened to him?" When a friend gets upset, you can't play until you're sure he/she is okay. I love that you are genuinely concerned for those you see around you at such an early age. Don't ever lose your compassion for humanity, but please don't let worry consume you either. Find the balance.

You are by far the crowing achievement of my life. I want to see you grow into a beautiful young woman who knows beyond a doubt that God made her special. He knows you, and he has a future beyond compare just waiting for you.

I love you more than words can express. Happy second birthday, Kenly Shae.

Forever yours,

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Jennifer Kehoe Young said...

Happy Birthday Kenly!

Adorable picture and such a beautiful sweet letter!