Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Greenville Zoo

On August 2nd, Meghan and I loaded up the kids and took off the the Greenville, SC zoo. Meghan drove the minivan, and I "navigated." For those of you who know me well, this is laughable. We made it to the zoo without incident, and then we nearly lost the kids to the cool playgrounds right outside the zoo. We had to convince them that the animals were far better than the slides.

The first exhibit was the elephants. Kenly really liked them.
This is the face I get when I ask my almost two-year-old to smile. These are our precious friends--Meghan, Rachel, and Ava. Kenly was Rachel's shadow all day. I think she'd leave me for a 9 year old girl.
We did stop and let the kiddos burn off some steam. I love this shot of Kenly in front of the wacky mirror.
We had an up close encounter with an orangutan. I think she wanted to hold hands with Ava.

Kenly loved feeding the goats. I think she could have shoved crackers into this guy's mouth all day. I think he would have let her.
We did let the girls play on the coolest playground after we finished our zoo loop. We managed to have a disaster-free visit even though I forgot to pack a stroller. What was I thinking?
We did get lost on the way out of the zoo. We had directions and a GPS system, but we finally found Chick-fil-A and our way home.

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