Friday, August 13, 2010

Birthday Blowout!

I was going to do one massive post about Kenly's birthday party, but Blogger is refusing to let me upload all the pictures I would like to put in this post. So, we'll start at the very beginning.

Last year Adam mad Kenly's birthday cake with a little bit of help for me. We decided to continue the tradition this year, and I raise the stakes a bit. Adam was responsible for making a rubber duck cake. I showed him a few examples of cakes I found on the web, and then I cut him loose. He did a fantastic job. I was responsible for making the cream cheese icing, and make icing I did. We still have a mound of blue icing in the fridge waiting for something to decorate. I

Adam icing the BIG 11x15 cake that we served to our party guests.
Amy time I tried to take a picture of him, he would duck. This is the only one he let me take of him looking at the camera. Should have saved the others as outtakes.
Here are the finished products. Kenly's cake is the small one. She loved having a cake of her very own.
Once everyone arrived at the party, we had hotdogs and hamburgers for lunch.
Once everyone finished lunch, all the kiddos went outside to play in the "water park" or in the creek.
Annalise looked adorable in her pigtails.
Zander and Caleb found a turtle by the creek. They made him a home, complete with a "Lincoln Log" style house. (Don't worry Jess...He escaped.)
Davis also enjoyed a little pool time as well.
I even found a few minutes to snuggle with my hubby during all the fun.
Kenly kept soaking Nana when she wanted to warm up from her cold swim.

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