Saturday, July 17, 2010

Playing Catch Up

The Brand family has been out adventuring for most of June and part of July, and since we don't have a laptop, blog updates have been impossible. So, I decided to blog a few cute things before I crash tonight.

You know you've been traveling a bit too much for your 23 month old when you have this conversation...

Me: Kenly, do you love your blue couch and your Veggie Tales?
Kenly: (said with great enthusiasm) Uh-huh. I love my home-home. We made it!

On July 14th, I was taking a nap when I heard Kenly announce through the monitor that she had a poopy. I hopped up and expected to deal with the muddy task right away. I put her on the changing table only to discover a bone dry diaper.

Me: Kenly, you don't have a poopy. Your diaper isn't even wet.
Kenly: I made a toot. Just a toot. More is coming.
Me: Do you have to poopy right now?
Kenly: Uh-huh.

So, I promptly put her cute little tushy on the toilet. She sat there straining to make a pee pee. Nothing. We started talking and laughing. She identified everything in the bathroom--towels, conditioner, shampoo, soap, pelican,....and then I heard a strange noise. I looked up, and well, I saw the poop leaving her hiney. She was so proud. I was over the moon. I did the craziest poppy dance in the world and sang her praises the rest of the night. I let her wipe her yaya, and I did the dirty work.

When she got off the toilet, I told her to look at what she made.

Me: Kenly, look. You made a poopy in the big girl potty. Yeah!
Kenly: I made a poopy. (reaching into the toilet) I get it out.
Me: No! We don't take poopy out of the toilet. Poopy is yucky.
Kenly: I flush it?
Me: Sure you can flush it.
Kenly: (over the sound of the flushing toilet) Bye-bye Mr. Poopy.

After we washed hands and celebrated some more, we went to the kitchen for a treat. Kenly got to eat a red Tootsie Pop, or a candy balloon, as she likes to call them.

Kenly's imagination has kicked into high gear in the past few weeks. She'll grab one of her purses, load it with goodies, and throw it over her shoulder with flair. Then we'll hear a conversation that goes something like this...

Kenly: See you later. I going bye-bye. I'll be back.
Me: Where are you going?
Kenly: Shopping.
Me: What store are you going to?
Kenly: Walmart.
Me: What are you going to buy?
Kenly: Baybanas (which is Kenly's adorable pronunciation of bananas)
Me: Be careful. Have fun.
Kenly: (After she's left the room for about 20 seconds) I back.


Kenly: See you later. I going bye-bye. I'll be back.
Me: Where are you going?
Kenly: To the dentist.
Me: Oh. Why are you going to the dentist? What will they do?
Kenly: Count and tickle my teeth. See you later.
I adore the stage Kenly is in right now. It is full of drama and tantrums, but it is so full of love and wonderful surprises. I love to see her learn each day. I love her sense of humor, and I love to watch her wonder at the smallest of things.

I like to hear her giggle at her own toots. I love her fierce attachment to me. I'm thrilled by her "reading" ability. I don't even have to do anything but turn the pages of several of her books.

Most of all, I love it when she throws her arms around my neck and says, "I love you so much." Her voice is so full of emotion and passion she sounds like she could burst, and my heart floods.

Life is wonderful.


Jennifer Kehoe Young said...

I love to hear about her. She sounds like such a wonderful joy :) and congrats on the poopy!

Shannon said...

Remember our conversation about Jordan always saying "We don't eat the poop...?" Yup, get used to all kinds of conversations about poop being yucky.

Jordan has been telling me lately that we are best friends, or that I am her best friend. Sweet and scary at the same time.