Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tire Swing 101/Driving Lessons

Kenly and I met Ava and Meghan at Carrier Park today. The park is in Asheville. All I can say is wow. The park was by far one of the coolest I have ever been to in all my life. Where were playgrounds like this one when I was growing up? You name it and it is there--sandbox, castles, monkey bars, tire swing, firetruck, race cars, planes, houses, and climbing implement galore. Kenly and I spent about an hour and a half there today.

Meghan put both girls on the tire swing when we first got there. I don't think Kenly was really sure what to think having never seen a tire swing.
Ava was thrilled from the get go.
After a few spins and pushes, Kenly decided she liked it.
Look out world...these two are going to take you by storm.
Who is doing the driving in this picture? Looks like Ava is trying to save them from impending disaster.
I'm pretty sure we will be going to Carrier Park again.

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