Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Winfield Was Wonderful

Last week Kenly and I packed up to go camping with Nana and Papa. We headed down to Winfield Campground on Clarks Hill Lake (or Lake Thurmond if you want to be proper about it). We had a really good time playing in the "playhouse" and exploring the great outdoors. While we were there, we had a good time...

...swimming in the kiddie pool Nana and Papa bought for us.
....taking a few bike rides with Papa.
...going on joy rides in Papa's "sailboat." Kenly loved the boat. She couldn't quite remember that it was a john boat, but hey, who wants to argue with that smile.
...visiting with Uncle Travis and Aunt Carrie. Uncle Travis is watching her water her rock garden in this picture.
...trying to capture the butterfly from Aunt Carrie.
...doing a little light construction. Hauling rocks is a tough job.
...trying a few new foods. Turns out Kenly is a fan of Nutter Butters.
...meeting a few new friends and sharing the pool.
...snuggling Nana.
...watching a little TV in Papa's boat. Who knew a depth finder could be so captivating?
...getting love from Papa.
...being watered so that she could grow.
...enjoying an orange popsicle. You can see the juice all over her in this picture.
...building a few sandcastles only to knock them down.
...swimming in the lake.
We had an awesome time. We're both still catching our breath from all the action and adventure. Thanks Nana and Papa!

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Matthew said...

It will always be Clarks Hill Lake. Looks like it was a great trip.