Monday, May 31, 2010

Cabin Fever

A month or so ago, Adam and I caught cabin fever. Pops has a cabin that holds a very special place in our heart. Adam and I promised to walk through life together just outside the cabin. It's a magic place. Adam took off work on Friday, and we hit the road early so we could get to the cabin by lunch time. Because of Kenly's nap schedule and because of stormy weather, we spent most of Friday relaxing, eating, and playing Scrabble. On Saturday we woke up slow and prepared to head to an art festival in Blue Ridge, GA. It was a great time. Kenly got a balloon butterfly. In its prime, it was adorable. Yellow and pink wings, eyes, two antenna. Slowly, with the help of heat and pressure, it turned into something a little more deformed. I forced Adam to commit "insecticide" on Sunday so I wouldn't drive off the road if the thing decided to pop in the car.
We spent a bit of time making bubble with the giant bubble wands that Mops provided.
Kenly was in hog heaven. At one point she had four willing adults creating a virtual storm of bubble for her dance and play in.
I love this picture of Pops making bubbles.
I love this grin and those curls.
On Saturday evening we went to the pond to try our hand at some good old fashioned worm fishing. Kenly spent most of her time playing with this big stick. She lost her balance on the dam and rolled down the hill into the pond muck. Her face and clothes were covered in mud. It was hysterical once I knew she was okay.

I love this picture of my real man fishing with a Barbie fishing pole. He worked so hard to unlock the secret of the bream who were bedding near the shore.
Once he got a fish on the line, I hurried Kenly to her daddy so she could catch a fish. Look at that concentration.
I caught a fish.

Kissing the fish bye bye. Don't worry. Adam wiped the pond scum off when he threw the fish back in the water.
Mommy and Kenly even had a chance to catch a few. All in all, Kenly "caught" four fish.

We did a little splashing in Turnip Town Creek...
...and a lot of snuggling with Mops and Pops.

The weekend was full of wonder and excitement. Thanks Pops and Mops for a great weekend.

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