Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crow--Where are you?

Just a few moments ago, I was warming up a leftover taco while Kenly was playing with a soccer ball on the screened in porch. Out of nowhere, she comes flying around the corner screaming, "I find 'em. I find 'em. I find a crow." She grabs my leg and pulls me to the porch to show me the crow. If you were a fly on the wall, this is what you would have heard....

Kenly: I find 'em Mommy. I find a crow.
Me: You found a crow, did you? Where is he?
Kenly: Hidin'
Me: Did he fly away?
Kenly: Uh-huh.

At that moment a crow flew over head and let out his trademark caw. Kenly jumped up and down with renewed excitement.

Kenly: I find 'em again. Crow.
Me: Sure enough. That is the sound a crow makes, isn't it?
Kenly: I find a crow. (The crow caws again.) Laughin'
Me: Yep. It does sound like he's laughing.
Kenly: (in a lound sing-songy voice) Crow. Where are you?

So, I'm amazed by my daughter's ability to retain information. About two days ago, Adam heard a crow and mimicked the noise it made. He told Kenly a crow made a noise that went caw caw. She imitated him. And now, just a few days later, with ZERO prompting on my part, Kenly identified a crow based on its caw. Holy Jeepers. She amazes me DAILY. I also love the simple, beautiful, uninhibited excitement a crow can bring out in my child. Not too many people are thrilled with crows.

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