Thursday, January 28, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

The other night, I was getting ready to go to a Pampered Chef party. I put on my sexy black boots, a new black shirt, and the only jeans I own. I threw on some jewelry and headed to the bathroom to tell Kenly and Adam goodbye. Kenly was splashing happily in the tub and the conversation went something like this....

Adam: Wow. You look really pretty. I wish I could take you out on a date instead of sending you away to look at cooking stuff.
Me: That would be too nice. I'd love that too.
Adam: Kenly, doesn't mama look pretty? Can you say gorgeous?
Me: doing the princess twirl so Kenly can see me
Adam: What do you think? How does Mama look?
Kenly: Hot

I nearly had to pick myself up off the floor I was laughing so hard. I think she was talking about her bathwater, but who really cares, it made my night.


In other news, Kenly is having a language explosion. She is quite the little mimic. Adam and I did a word log to see how she is progressing, and we were floored at what she can say. All in all, Kenly can say or use over 200 words correctly at 17 months. Her vocabulary is growing so rapidly that I fully expect to get her out of be one morning and have her say, "Good morning. How are you today?" It wouldn't shock me a bit. With her language explosion has come some erratic sleep patterns. It seems that 2:00-4:00am is the time to tryout new vocabulary. I can hear her through the monitor listing words. It goes something like this.

I hear a bump (typically her head against the bed slats). This wakes her. Then the babbling begins. Nana, Papa, Jason, Paula, Mama, Dada, Mops, Pops, Uncle (which is what she calls Travis), CareCare (Carrie), Dog, woof, woof, bunny, binky,.....and then she'll start singing. She'll say, "A, B, C, D, E, G, O, P" and then she'll merge into "all though the town."

After awhile she bores and starts calling out, "Mama, need. Mama need." This is Kenly-speak for Mama, I need something. By this point, I'm already in the spare bedroom so that Adam can sleep. I roll over, trying to ignore her. The whimpering begins. Then I hear her say, "Binky." If I have a prayer of getting sleep, I must go retrieve the precious binky. When I walk in the room, she announces proudly, "Binky. Threw." She then points to the floor. Then the request for a bottle ensue, and I'm up until she decides otherwise. I wouldn't trade anything for her midnight ramblings. I just hope I'll get some real sleep sometime in the next 2o-something years.


I was hanging up some clothes our walk-in closet the other day, and Kenly decided to come hang out with me. She's only allowed in there when we are watching because we use cedar balls to keep down the shoe odor. Kenly thinks these are really cool which makes me incredibly nervous because they are horrible choking hazards. Anyways, I digress. I finished my work and shooed her out of the closet only to discover that I forgot to put my hamper away. I open the door, toss the hamper in, and walk to the other side of the house. The eerie silence lets me know that Kenly is not behind me. She loves to hide now, so I start playing the game. I cry, "Kenly, where are you? Are you hiding?" I start looking in her favorite hiding spots. No Kenly. I feel panic rising. How could I have lost her in our own home? I frantically run back to the closet, fling open the door, and find Kenly happily playing with cedar ball while sitting in the dark.


Things I love.....

1. Kenly putting her head on my shoulder as I dance around singing "You are my Sunshine."
2. Seeing Kenly hide her face with her hands while whispering "hiding." She really believes that she just disappears.
3. The sound of my husband's and child's laughter as they play together.
4. The fact that Kenly always says, "More. More. More." after I sing. No one has ever done that.
5. Kisses from my child.
6. TV time snuggles.
7. The excitement in Kenly's eyes every time she tries a new word on for size.
8. Getting to color every day as part of my job. How cool is that?
9. Watching a naked child running through the house screaming BATH.
10. Hearing Kenly sing songs.

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