Sunday, December 20, 2009

Passing the Time

Kenly got to open her presents from Adam and me on Friday afternoon. Santa is coming on Christmas morning, and we were trying to limit the number of packages we'd have to take to Augusta. I bought her these butterfly wings after Halloween. She wasn't big on wearing them, but she loved to hold them and make them "fly" through the air while I sang the "Fly like a Butterfly" song. Glitter got every where. I'd stop singing and she'd say, "More. Flyfly."

I think she's got the hang of opening presents now. She keeps asking to open presents that don't even belong to her. "Oen. Peeze," she says.

She got a baby doll and is already teaching her "daughter" bad habits like refusing to wear a hat. She's identifying the baby's nose in this picture. You can tell because of the crinkled lips.
I think the bus was the biggest hit with Kenly and with Adam. They've been playing with it almost nonstop.

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Tiff said...

I LOVE the butterfly wings! Kenly is getting tall!!!
BTW~ I so enjoy reading your blog and watching Kenly grow. :)