Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Magic Word

Kenly has learned the power of the magic word. She follows almost every request with a sweet-as-sugar "peeze."

I'll set the scene. Kenly and I are coloring in her big Sesame Street coloring book. I love to color, so I'm busy coloring the most beautiful Big Bird the world has ever seen. Kenly, having not mastered the art of sharing, approaches me and tries to snatch the yellow crayon from my hand.

Mama: Kenly, Mama is using the yellow crayon right now. Can you use another color? Or wait your turn?

Kenly: (with a most angelic face and sweetly clasped hands) Peeze.

Mama: Just because you say please don't always mean you get what you want. Can you please share with me?

Kenly: (with utter frustration and raised voice) PEEZE!

Mama: Well, because you asked so nicely...

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