Wednesday, December 9, 2009

16 Months

Today you turn 16 months old. My baby is now a full fledged toddler--walking, running, talking, exploring, and becoming more independent as the days go by. You're a little girl now, and I love watching you learn and grow.

At 16 months you....

...think Elmo is a rock star.'d watch 16 hours of LaLa--Veggie Tales Silly Songs if we'd let you. love stickers and coloring the coffee table more than your color book. trying out new words. the color yellow. Most thing are "llellow." play hide-and-seek with your Dada. to go to the library and to read books. You've even started "reading" them all by yourself. I love to find you in your chair "reading" a book. all things Christmas.
...try to repeat anything Daddy or I say.
...are full of love, life, and adventure.
...melt our hearts with kisses and hugs.

You hate.... have your hair dried after a bath.
...socks. be told you can't do something.
...when saying "peeze"doesn't get you what you want.

At 16 months, you're still my dream come true. I love you!

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