Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Oh the simple joys of a care package from The Great Pumpkin (AKA Nana and Papa). Kenly loves to explore new clothes and say, "Ooooh." I think she's going to like clothes, shoes, purses...and all things shopping. Look out Daddy.

Don't forget about the fun of spending a little quality time in a "bok."
Or taking a little time to watch some LaLa and to be a complete couch potato.
Oh the joy of an occasional TV coma so that Mommy can get a shower. Believe it or not, she never moves.
Cooking with Daddy is a great simple pleasure. Kenly loves being a helper in any way that she can. Does that mean she inherited her parents' tendency to try and please?
I love watching Kenly enjoy the simple pleasure, the finest things in life. Perspective is handed to me daily simply by watching my 14 month old princess.

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shannon said...

you can't teach a girl to be a girl. Jordan loves to wear headbands, tutus, and her Dora purse. It is really quite cute. I have so many pics of her wearing that purple tutu. She loved shoes from the very early stages of life too. By 15 months she was addicted. We can't go to Target's shoe section without telling her multiple times that she doesn't need any more shoes! Anyway, gotta love a girl.