Friday, October 9, 2009

Who loves the playground?

Kenly does, of course. You'd never know that this 30 minutes of the day was the only 30 minutes she wasn't a total bear. You'd never know she had a virus by looking at these shots. The playground can cure anything.

Kenly won't go down the slide by herself yet, but she will slide down if I put her on the side about halfway down. Can you believe how much hair she has now? What a big girl.
I love the windblown look in this picture and that her shadow appears to be waving to her.
She climbed the stairs of the playground equipment. When she was at the very top, she lost her mind. She squealed, laughed, and waved at the kids below her. She must have felt like Queen of the Hill.
Look at Kenly channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe.
Never mind that the step is almost as tall as she is. Kenly's motto is "Me do it me own self."

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