Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just because....

....she's so dang cute. I couldn't help myself.

The other day we went outside to play in the crisp fall air, and I decided to take a few pictures.

Kenly loved playing with the rocks in the driveway. She'd pick them up and say, "wok." Every "wok" was a treasure to behold.
She was watching the wind blow the leaves all around in this picture. Notice the "wok" in her hand.
She's making noise like the wind in this photo. Can you spot two "wok" treasures in this picture?

Kenly has become a super soccer star at 13 months. She can dribble and kick. She loves to chase the ball. On occasion she picks it up and throws it. The funny thing is the ball is almost as big as she is...

You have to love fall....

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