Friday, October 9, 2009

14 Months

Fourteen months ago today you entered our lives, a bundle of perfection and a dream come true. Today you're on the go more than you're still. You're hiding and running more than you're snuggling, and you still make us marvel every day. Thank you for making us a family.

This month you're fond of eating only what you want to eat....thank you very much.

You love your shoes. If you find them on the floor, you come running saying, "Shoos."

You have even Dr. Mustoe shocked/amazed with your "understood" vocabulary. You know the names of rooms, foods, and countless other objects. Your spoken vocabulary is increasing too. You say about 20-30 words when prompted, but Mama and Dada often are your interpreters. Too everyone else, you're speaking in tongues.

You love your Benny Bunny with a fierce love. And don't think about taking your Binky on a bad day.

You're on whole milk now, but you're still using your bottle. You and your Mama are still a bit set in your/our ways.

You love to "flop" when you're angry. You often get more angry when you flop on a hard surface.

You like to hide, especially when you're naked and on your way to the bath tub.

You love to be outside.

Every morning when I dress you, I'll ask, "Does the baby look pretty in her outfit today?" This is where you go after I ask that very question.

I'll ask, "Do you love that baby?" This is your response.Whenever I try and take your picture with a flash, this is the response I get. I say you're channelling your inner Earl Hicky from My Name is Earl.

You want to know how everything work. You'll puzzle something over for 20-30 minutes. Today you wanted to know how the top fits on the Nalgene bottle.

To celebrate your wonderfulness, we gave you a bubble bath. Your very first bubble bath. I'd say you're a fan of bubbles, but I knew that already.

Thanks for 14 months of love and childhood wonder. You are priceless.

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