Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who needs a swimsuit?

This weekend I was thrilled to have Leanne and her kids over for a few hours. We played in the creek and had fun watching the kids play together. Kenly was fascinated by the big kids. At first she didn't want to get in the creek, but after watching David and Elizabeth splash around she decided to plop herself right in the middle of the creek--who needs a swimsuit? Leanne and I were able to sneak out later that night while our men took care of the kids. We enjoyed having our toes done and then we devoured some ice cream. We laughed so hard we scared the locals. Girl time is so good for the soul.

Kenly loves licking the water off her hands. If she hasn't gotten a parasite yet, we're probably in the clear, right?
The girls. Isn't my best friend beautiful?

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