Monday, June 29, 2009

Camping with the Burkett Clan

Proof...we murdered a few trout. We even used corn to catch three of them. But, they tasted great at Friday's fish fry. Can you say hush puppies, onion rings, and trout? YUM YUM! Papa wanted Kenly to have her first taste a salt and vinegar chip/fry. She loved it!
Kenly and Papa chilling in front of the Burkett's rig. She's enjoying keys and her new blue bird toy.
Papa and Nana on the swing near the lake at the campground.Nana pushed Kenly in her very first swing experience. She was a huge fan.
In early June we took off with Nana and Papa to camp in the North Georgia Mountains. We stayed at Moccasin Creek State Park. This camping trip was so exciting because it was Pop Secret's maiden least with the Brand family. Who is Pop Secret you ask? I'm sure you're dying to know. Pop Secret is the 1993 pop up camper that Adam and I recently purchased. Papa refurbished her, so she's practically perfect in every way. It's so nice to camp with air conditioning on a mattress but still be able to hear nature. Kenly love the pop up, and she loves to camp with her Nana and Papa. The child gave a new meaning to the word dirty during the week camping. She had dirt everywhere. We ate amazing food, finally snatched the rusted hitch out of Adam's tuck (thank you Papa), and had many adventures. We fished for trout, roasted smores, and braved Georgia's sliding rock. It was so much fun. Travis, Carrie, and Mason came up on Thursday night and stayed with us for awhile. It was nice to have the whole family together. Adam and I also manged to keep a few trout that we caught. Up to this point, we've been only catch and release fisherpeople. True to form, Nana and Papa spoiled us something rotten. Pop Secret was amazing fun, and we made memories that will last forever.

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