Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Camo Princess--Happy B-day Uncle Travis

The Carhartt overall were handed down to us from our friends Greg and Tracy. When I saw them, I just knew that Kenly needed a girly camo onesie to wear with them. Papa provided the onesie, and the outfit was just too perfect. I took her outside to our creek and to various other natural locations to do a photo shoot for Uncle Tavis's 28th birthday (May 1st). I couldn't post them on the blog until he saw his photo collage first, and since I'm always a day behind and a dollar short, he didn't get his collage until yesterday. So, here are a few shots of our camo princess. Doesn't she make camo look good?

This one is my absolute favorite.

Happy Birthday Uncle Travis!


Shannon said...

I am surprised that Jordan escaped her grandpa bob's camo love :) Kenly makes the cutest camo princess ever!

John said...

she is adorable. Only thing missing is the dirt smeared on her overalls.