Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I can almost hear Kenly screaming HELP in this picture. Adam was stealing all of her neck sugar.
Kenly thought river rocks were really cool. She kept trying to put them in her mouth, and Adam used defensive measures to keep her from ingesting river rocks. However, we stopped for a picnic lunch at the Mills River on the way home, and I was changing Kenly's diaper on a blanket to keep her from rocks. I was putting the dirty diaper away when I noticed my daughter had something in her mouth. How does she move that fast? How did she get a rock when she was on a blanket? Does she have Jedi powers? I guess she is just sneaky.
This picture was taken right before my dare-devil daughter threw herself off the swing, headfirst. I grabbed her by the leg just before her head smacked the deck. The only time I've been more afraid is when she almost got her fingers in a fan or when she almost turned a pole lamp over on her head. Have I mentioned that my daughter is busy? She never stops moving. As a result, I've started using prison more often (AKA the Pack-N-Play). I promise I'm a good mommy....she's just too fast for her own good. Why do children crave danger?
Kenly got her first taste of lots of things this weekend. Mops introduced her to a small bite of Peppermint Ice Cream. Kenly was a huge fan. She also tasted bacon and a tiny shredded piece of steak. I don't think she'll be a vegetarian based on her reactions.

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