Monday, April 20, 2009

Eyes in the Back of my Head

When I was teaching ninth graders, I developed eyes in the back of my head. I sensed danger and trouble quicker than most, and I would boast of my early detection skills. Kenly, at 8 months, puts a class of 32 ninth graders to shame. Both sets of my eyes are always open, and she can still get into mischief faster than I can blink. She started officially crawling yesterday, so the trouble she can find will be far more wide reaching now. She still gets ahead of herself because she tries to move too fast. She'll face plant, get up, and start moving again. Up until now, she'd do the crawl motion twice and fall down. Last night I decided to test her skills. I fixed her bottle, knowing she was really hungry. I put it on the floor about three feet from her, and she crawled, as if she'd been crawling all her life, to get her bottle. There's not much a Brand won't do for food.

Here are some shots of the princess exploring her world.

Kenly loves to try and play in the dog bowl. She's only turned it over once, but I know it will happen many more times before it's all over.
One of Kenly's new favorite games is to steal toys from Chance. Right now he's a good sport, but I fear his patience may wane before it's all said and done.
When I let her, Kenly loves to empty the entertainment center of DVDs and VHS tapes. She's trying to decide if A River Runs Through It is the movie for her.
The Tazmanian Devil in action.

I don't think I'll draw an easy breath until she's at least six now. And even then, I'm sure that something will keep me ever vigilant.

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Karin said...

Just wait until she starts emptying the dog food into the dog water, not too much fun to clean. Or tries to eat the dog food.