Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter at the Biltmore

Easter Sunday was a lovely day filled with adventure in the Brand household. We got up and went to an Easter service at Grace. I was able to sit through the whole service because Adam took the wiggly, talkative Kenly to the nursery overflow room. It was nice to be reminded of all things miraculous and wonderful about Easter. We headed home so that Kenly could dive into her first Easter basket. Then Adam and I took Kenly to the Biltmore House for an Easter picnic with some friends. We had a lovely time rolling in the grass and eating yummy food on a blanket in the garden. Then we headed home to pack for our biggest adventure yet--camping with an 8 month old for a week.

One of the coolest thing about the Biltmore is the Easter egg hunt they have for kids. They "hide" thousands of eggs in a circle on the front lawn in a large circle. Hundreds of kids line up on the perimeter. When they say go, it's a free-for-all. Kids fill their baskets and run around with the Biltmore House in the background. It was too much fun to watch.

Kenly and I in the tulip garden.
Chis and Mary Ann playing with the princess.
Kenly took some time to smell the flowers. Please notice the bow--she has enough hair for a velcro bow.
All her eggs in one basket.
"I've had enough of all this Easter stuff. I want a nap, and I want it now."

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Janna said...

We're not far from there. I'm always hearing about people driving over to the Biltmore. Would love to check it out sometime.