Wednesday, April 29, 2009


My saint of a daughter stayed in nursery again today--for 2 WHOLE hours. I got to mingle with a bunch of women at the MOPS meeting at Biltmore Baptist. Today's theme was round table discussions. I got to hear about a 20 minute workout that looks killer, going green, organization, and teaching biblical principles to children in simple, fun ways. Perhaps the coolest thing is that Earth Fare donated a shopping bag and a bamboo cutting board for everyone at the meeting today.

In just a few minutes I'm off to meet with Regan at Grace. I've been really blessed by having a safe place to go--a place to be raw, real, and brutally honest about my life. Between the happy pills and letting go of some gunk that has been poisoning me, I'm doing a ton better. I even felt like putting on lipstick and spraying my hair this morning before going to MOPS. I'd say that's a ton of improvement.

Yesterday Kenly and I met our friend Lindsey for a walk in the NC Arboretum. We sat on the bench where Adam asked me to marry him almost 6 years ago. Kenly, despite loving the outdoors, screamed through most of the hike. I think sunscreen got in her eyes. Maybe I fed her too many mashed potatoes the night before...who knows? All I know is that she howled like someone was killing her. She flopped and flailed and screamed some more. Lindsey might never want to hike with us again.

Tomorrow we are going to meet baby Patrick and hang out with Shannon for a little while.

Can you tell that we've been busy this week? I'm starting to feel a little more plugged in. Kenly is adjusting to socialization, and we're taking baby steps toward "living" again (verses existing).

I'm terrified about this weekend. Kenly and Adam are going to hang out with Mops and Pops in Boone, NC. Kenly will do great. She probably won't even miss me, but I don't know what I'm going to do with so much quiet time. I'm going to a women's conference at church--BIG HEART, BIG GOD. The conference lasts from 8:30-3:30, so I'll be occupied all day Saturday. What will I do without Kenly and Adam sugar? I might waste away. The dog and I will probably grieve together on the couch, or maybe, just maybe, we'll soak up the quiet. I might watch 10 chick-flicks. I might go for long walks or write. I might call Adam every 30 minutes....I might just BE.


Janna said...

Just BE. Please. For me. Enjoy the need/ability to do nothing.

Shannon said...

Enjoy your baby free weekend. YOu will miss them dearly...but once they come home you will immediately miss the quiet :)

Happy pills are awesome, aren't they? I just started some new ones and feel the best I have felt in years.

Nice new blog layout!