Friday, March 6, 2009

Fun with Gma,Nana, and Papa

Last Thursday Kenly and I headed to visit Grandma. I wanted Kenly to spend some time with her, and we had a great visit. The original plan was to visit Leanne after hanging out with Grandma, but Kenly and I were both fighting a little "funk," so we headed to visit with Nana and Papa in Augusta instead. I really did not want to infect Leanne's children with anything. Friends do not share viral infections.

While in Augusta, we went to a consignment sale. We found this little piano for $2.00. Nana and Papa bought it for her, and she loves it. It plays "Rockin' Robin" and "When the Saints Go Marching In" among other things. It is a really neat toy. Kenly is jamming out as I type. She's a quick study. She's had the toy for only a few days, and she can already make it do what she wants it to do.
My child does throw fits already. Most of them don't produce a tear. I consider those fits tantrums. However, when real tears are involved, I have to act quickly. Hopefully she won't learn to cry at will.

Nana had a great time feeding Kenly Shae.

I love that Papa is trying to help Kenly use the sippy cup. I do the same thing.
Here is Kenly with her Great Grandma. It was great to see Grandma play with the baby.

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Jennaug10 said...

OMG! She has such a great smile! The temper fits do start earlier than we realize. Everyone used to say it didn't start till 2, well, I have a 10 month old that looks at me and waits for me to say "no" or "don't touch" and does it even after I say it and keeps looking at me until I say it stearn enough, then the cry starts and she now blinks her eyes to make tears come and then turns it off like nothing. It is crazy and I have to keep myself from laughing! They are too smart!