Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lost a Bet

This picture shows why Tuesdays make me feel like a druggie.

I woke up after worrying about Kenly all night and took her to the walk in clinic this morning. Last night she refused two feeding, for a baby who likes to eat, this was really abnormal. She was a real grouch too. To top it all off, she kept pulling at her left ear. I told my friend Shannon last night that I'd bet $50.00 that she had an ear infection. Well, I lost. Dr. Dephouse must think I'm a total worry wart. He looked her over an proclaimed that she was in perfect health. She weighed a whopping 15lbs and 3.5 ounces. She is a chunk.

I went to the RA doctor today. He was really pleased with my progress. He hopes that I'll be lucky enough to stay symptom free for awhile. He wants me to stay on the medicine for at least a year and then we'll try to come off of everything and see what happens. He knows that I would love to have a second child. Today for the first time I felt hope while I was at that office. It was refreshing. He truly expected me to still be swollen and achy, so my progress was amazing in his opinion. So, thanks for the prayers and keep praying. I'd like to see prayer put RA to bed for good.

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Shannon said...

Great update about the RA! yay! You owe me $50...