Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Report

Adam, Kenly, Chance and I had a lovely Christmas. We got up slow and enjoyed an easy breakfast. Kenly got tired again before she could open her presents from Santa and from us, so we all decided to be lazy. When she woke up, we put her in her Christmas dress that Mops provided, and we dove into the presents. For those of you who know our dog and his love for opening presents, the hour or so it took to open presents consisted of many comments like, "Chance, that's not your present....Chance, please let Kenly open her own present." I think we finally broke down and let him help a little. I do know that he got all the used paper and boxes, so he made a little pile of ripped paper big enough for a 15 pound hamster to nest in...maybe he is part hamster.

Kenly got a few little things--4 activity blocks, a crinkle ball, 3 books, a CD of African lullabies, and a shape sorter thingy. She likes everything, so I feel like I know what she'll enjoy. It was good fun watching her explore all her new stuff.

We then packed like madmen all day Friday so that we could leave for sunny Florida. We had an amazing time playing with the Brand family. Uncle Jason earned the name Fun-Guy for his ability to make Kenly laugh all the time. All he had to do was walk in the room by the end of the week. Aunt Paula introduce Kenly to the fun of playing games. She also saved Kenly from many a fit by providing entertainment and a lap to sit on. Mops and Pops also entertained her for hours on end--allowing Mommy and Daddy some much needed run away time. Today Kenly decided that I was boring--she wants to go back to Florida where her entertainment staff resides. I guess she'll have to get used to life with boring Mommy again.

Here were a few Kenly firsts:
1. Flying in an airplane--She was such a savvy traveler that she didn't cry a peep on the first two flights. On the way home, she only cried a little on the very last puddle jumper.
2. Putting her feet in salt water.
3. Swimming in a pool.
4. Losing her mind over seagulls--The video of this discovery is too great for words.
5. Riding in the Baby Bjorn front facing.
6. Chewing on a straw--she almost got a mouth full of Coke. Luckily Mommy still moves fast.
7. Playing in an Exersaucer--she loved the new freedom.
8. Watching fireworks.

It was awesome to see the beach through her eyes. Everything was new and exciting. All in all, we had an amazing Christmas. Adam and I were able to do everything we wanted to do while in Florida, so it was a perfect get away. In addition to that, we had awesome weather, so I had a week where I could forget that I have RA. It was a nice reprieve from reality. Christmas isn't over either. My family is coming up for a visit over MLK weekend, and the fun will continue. So, we're leaving the tree and the lights up until then. Who knows...if we get busy, we might be looking at the tree in February. Oh the beauty of a fake tree.

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