Friday, September 5, 2008

Poor dog

The new addition to our family has created a time of transition for Adam, for me, and most of all for Chance. Chance has been the center of our world for almost five years, and so he really didn't like it very much when this new loud, screaming thing came into HIS home. At first he thought she was a huge squeaky toy. He's been a great big brother--giving kisses and getting really worried when Kenly screams--but, he thinks its a bum deal that Mom stays home all day and doesn't play with him the whole time or take him on huge hikes in the woods. He's a little jealous of my milk truck role. However, we keep telling him to give it a few months/years and that he will have a whole new appreciation for Kenly when she slips him food or plays with him until he tires of her. Chance is not lacking attention or love, but on occasion I have to think twice about if he has gotten his dinner yet. He a little nervous and I sometimes fear that his hair will fall out in patches like the dog in Steel Magnolias, but so far he's managed just fine. He's still top dog; he just has to share with a top baby.

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Jennaug10 said...

Things will get better for Chance, Just make sure you do make time for him. We take our Black Lab Carson for walks when we take Makayla in her stroller. He loves Makayla and she is becoming more fun to him also. He will do great. It is a huge adjustment for them too. For our dog I came along then Makayla! He is great with her though!